Tips for Reducing Cost Per Lead in Google Ads Campaigns

Tips for Reducing Cost Per Lead in Google Ads Campaigns

Paid per click (PPC) advertising feels like a daunting prospect at the best of times. You’re investing lots of money without any guarantees of a return, putting more pressure on your campaigns to succeed.

However, the old saying about spending money to make money rings true in digital advertising! With the right campaign, your PPC advertising can pay for itself many times over, giving you an impressive return on your investment.

Better still, the Google Ads platform offers lots of insightful data on PPC campaigns, including the cost per lead (CPL). By reviewing metrics on CPL, you can identify whether your ads are worth the money, while giving an idea of ways to reduce the cost of each ad.

Let’s take a closer look at some simple tips for reducing the cost per lead in Google Ads:

Review Limited by Budget Status

A simple way is to review ‘limited by budget’ in the campaign status section of your account. If your campaign status reads limited by budget, then the cost of bidding for the ad isn’t within your set budget.

Increasing your budget means that you’re eligible for higher value auctions. While doing so does mean paying more for the auction, it may result in more conversions, potentially lowering the overall cost per lead for the campaign.

Of course, only do this if you have the budget! Remember, if conversions don’t increase with a higher budget, you won’t be saving on CPL.

Another option is to lower your bid amount, meaning you’ll enter much lower costing auctions. Any conversions made at these lower rates will also reduce your CPL. However, be mindful of the volume conversion rate with this method, as going too low even with a reduced budget won’t be cost-effective.

Focus on Quality Score

Wining lower auction bids are a great way to reduce your cost per clicks and achieve a lower CPL. To give yourself the best chance of wining lower bid auctions, you need to focus on the Quality Score of the ad.

The better the Quality Score, the lower the cost per click offered by Google. It’s a simple yet effective way of reducing cost per clicks, and in turn CPL.

There are a few methods for increasing Quality Score. For example, improving click through rates using techniques such as using the right keywords, incorporating ad extensions, and creating engaging ad copy.

Other techniques include optimizing landing page (e.g., user-friendly design, trustworthy content, connecting with readers), and making ads more relevant to your target audience.

Rework Your Landing Page

A lack of conversions always hurts your CPL, so if you’re not getting the conversions you need, consider looking over your landing page.

An under-optimized or non relevant landing page may be hurting your conversions, even if your ads are highly relevant and targeting the right audience.

As mentioned above, an optimised landing page helps improve Quality Score. So, if your landing page loads quickly and has relevant and useful info, then it will improve your overall Quality Score.

However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t areas that can be further improved on your landing page to encourage more conversions.

For example, there are simple additions you can make to optimise a landing page for a better user experience, like images and video content, well-designed CTA buttons, form fields, and more engaging website copy.


There are many ways to reduce the cost per lead in Google Ads and increase your return on investment. Make sure to check out the above tips as a guide to get you started.