PPC Marketing

PPC or Pay Per Click is a short term solution to generating traffic into your website. Pay per click advertising is a method of advertising that is usually displayed above the organic search results and often used to try get your business ranking higher than your competition for certain phrases
  • Depending of the search volume and how competitive the keywords are will determine the cost per click.

  • Planning a pay per click campaign is very important and should be your priority before starting a PPC Campaign.
  • When setting up a Google AdWords campaign, set a daily or campaign budget to avoid over spending.

Video Advertising
Showcase your product or service and reach a highly targeted audience with YouTube adverts.
PPC Remarketing
Reach people who previously visited your website when they are on different websites and encourage conversions.
Social Advertising
Facebook and Twitter ads are a great way to both grow your social audience and get your message in front of potential customers.
Display Advertising
Display ads are a great way of building brand awareness by targeting your potential audience with creative visuals.