How to Identify Commercial Intent Keywords

How to Identify Commercial Intent Keywords

Most of us turn to Google when it comes to those daily questions. Whether it’s the weather, product prices, or just a random piece of info, Google usually has the answers to our most common questions.

Not only is this useful for the everyday user, but also businesses looking to find and target their desired audience! Businesses can use our search queries to analyse commercial intent keywords, giving a better idea about what we want to buy when searching online.

As a business, it’s certainly worth investing time and resources to understand the commercial intent keywords of your target audience. Let’s look closer at commercial intent keywords and how they benefit your business:

Commercial Intent Keywords Explained

Commercial intent keywords are terms consumers use when buying something online or learning more about a product before buying it.

These keywords are a goldmine for advertisers, letting you understand consumer intent to better advertise your brand or products.  The keywords explain exactly what they want to buy and that they’re actively looking to spend money on it.

Commercial intent keywords are one of four types of intent keywords – others include informational, transactional, and navigational.

  • Commercial keywords are terms that your target audience uses when buying something or planning to buy something. For example, ‘best hiking boots shop Belfast’ or a specific brand of hiking boot.
  • Informational keywords are terms consumers use to gain a specific answer to their question, such as ‘how to find the right hiking boots in Belfast’.
  • Navigational keywords help consumers navigate the web, such as searching for a hiking boot website.
  • Transaction keywords are terms used when the consumer intends to complete an action or sale, such as ‘buy hiking boots online’. These terms often coincide with commercial intent keywords, making them both highly valuable to advertisers when planning a Google Ads campaign.

Why Keyword Intent is Important

By analysing keyword intent, advertisers don’t just find the keywords their target audience uses, but also the intentions behind each one. By understanding the keyword intent, you can align your advertising methods to best target your audience.

For example, someone searching for the term ‘why online marketing is important’ has different intentions from those searches for ‘PPC advertising services in Belfast’.

The former is using informational intent keywords, while the latter is using commercial intent keywords.

For the former, you’d want to offer a blog explaining the benefits of online marketing, providing them with valuable info that helps build relationships. While they may not buy something right away, you make a positive impression, making them more likely to return when they intend to buy.

For the latter, you know that the consumer is actively seeking your services. Targeted ads are a great option in this situation, giving the chance to convert a high-value lead that is intending to make a purchase.

Knowing the intent behind each keyword search, you’ll know the best advertising method to reach your target audience and gain the desired action. With this data you can also implement it into a well executed SEO strategy as well as use it for content ideas for your businesses website.

Some terms are more valuable than others, namely commercial intent, as these leads are ready and willing to spend money. For instance, high commercial intent keywords are one of the most valuable assets for paid advertising.

Finding the Right Commercial Intent Keywords

There are lots of commercial intent keywords used by consumers for each industry, with some being more valuable than others. So, it helps to know how to search for suitable keywords to find those with the highest commercial intent to achieve the desired conversions.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a great place to start, letting you search for all kinds of keyword ideas based on your products and services. You can also review high commercial intent keywords, giving you an idea of the best terms related to your niche.

Other resources for keyword research include Google Analytics, which lets you review keywords with the highest conversions. You can determine what keywords have the most conversions, and therefore the highest commercial intent.